Feed the Goldfish

Make every word count. This isn’t a new concept. But today, it’s absolutely crucial for communicators. For the longest time, the “12 seconds” statistic endured as the average attention span of most humans. That made us seem like leisurely readers compared to the easily distracted goldfish, which clocks in at 9 seconds of focus.

Last year however, a Microsoft study rocked our content marketing world with the declaration that attention spans have shrunk to a mere 8 seconds. Putting people below the goldfish when it comes to the content consumption food chain.

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Marketing Wisdom from Abe Froman (or When Overthinking Blocks Innovation)

In any legitimate endeavor, strategy plays an important role. Look before you leap, as they say. Outlining, mapping, frameworking, wireframing, best practicing … all good things. And very necessary things when tens or hundreds of thousands of corporate marketing dollars are on the line.

But in marketing, as with most disciplines, you can have too much of a good thing. Those teams that spend endless hours overthinking the nuances of a product launch or creative campaign often do so at the price of innovation.

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Under the Candy Coating

Organizational culture. Every company claims to have one. And although it’s an initiative usually born in the human resources department, it often falls upon marketing to help creatively and consistently implement it. Rightfully so, given that the best organizational cultures intuitively intertwine with the external brand.

It’s like a chocolate-covered strawberry … you bite into the delicious chocolate coating and expect something delightfully complementary on the inside. This is why chocolate-covered lemons are a terrible idea.

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Painting Pictures with Copy

I always cringe when a writer says “I just write the words” or a designer says “I just make it look pretty.” Copy and design are not just friendly acquaintances, they are undeniably interdependent.

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A Sweet Logo Does Not a Brand Make

Elvis. Madonna. Cher. Seth.

When it comes to rock stars of the marketing kind, most of us know the Seth of whom I speak. No last name required. But for the few who don’t know, I’m talking about marketing guru and renowned author Seth Godin.

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Let It Whip

We’ve probably all heard the “Rule of Seven” more than once (at least seven times, right?) Whether you agree the magic number is seven, ten or twenty, it has proven true time and again that repetition moves people to action.

As marketers, we often find ourselves defending this concept to our clients, reassuring them that though they may be tired of hearing the same messages, their customers are still wading through a deluge of ad and media exposure–an estimated 15.5 hours/day per person.

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