Where the Sidewalk Ends and the Road Begins

Making the case for an interim Content Marketing Director

Congratulations! You’ve created your kickass product or service, you’ve built a core team of awesome employees and you’ve made that first major sale. The long, grueling walk to establish your brand has become a jog and before you know it, you’re in a full sprint—to deliver on customer demand, grow your team, and hit higher revenue numbers fast.

This key point of transformation and acceleration is where the sidewalk ends and the road begins—particularly with regard to brand awareness and marketing.

This is the point where most companies realize their brand voice has been idling in neutral—or worse yet parked in a forgotten lot! It’s not unusual to fly under the radar as your business takes shape and sales solidify—relegating active marketing to the back seat for fear of talking too much talk before you prove you can walk the walk.

Unfortunately, the trade-off is an underdeveloped or overpacked brand voice and the lack of an effective marketing megaphone. When internal marketing resources are stretched thin, brand strategy seems the first thing to go. “Execute!” That’s the order of the moment. The funny thing is that it’s at this point when the power and consistency of your message matters most … but who has the time to step back and get it right?

The good news is more companies in rapid growth mode are quickly seeing the value in bolstering their messaging and content marketing efforts with the outside expertise of an interim Creative Content Director. These companies realize that while slowing down may not be an option, adding a part-time experienced content director to the team can add vital strategy and structure to content marketing and brand awareness efforts without losing business momentum.

Not quite ready for prime time?

An interim content director helps bridge the gap for companies who find themselves in a very common space in time—they have limited internal marketing leadership resources, but are not yet ready to hire a full-time role or engage a full-service external agency.

Contracted on a short-term basis, the right interim content director has the experience to hit the ground running—bringing with them a familiarity in leading and working with in-house marketing teams, as well as partnering with external resources. They offer an objective perspective and unexpected insight that can help move your messages and the content that communicates them out of neutral and into active, measurable results.

It’s important to choose an experienced, empathetic professional who can get up-to-speed quickly, and work effectively with both executive leadership and internal team members to move your marketing efforts forward, faster.

Just some of the benefits you should expect:

  • Craft a clear, compelling and consistent brand voice, and align it with what customers and prospects want to hear
  • Create a targeted content and editorial strategy to fuel your marketing lead generation engine
  • Ensure every touchpoint—from your website to events to social media and even HR recruiting—is holistic, inspired and on-brand, creating brand ambassadors out of your employees and your customers
  • Collaborate easily with internal and external resources, provide mentoring as needed and facilitate a smooth transition of responsibilities when ready

As the New Year kicks off, is your business at that exciting point where the sidewalk ends and the road begins? Let KP Brand help you take your brand and content marketing plans to the streets with strategic, experienced and bold direction. Contact us to talk about our interim content director services and more.