The ROI of Messaging Strategy

Without a clear map, you’re just driving in circles

Vague. Stagnant. Jargony. All-over-the-place. Do any of these words describe your current brand voice?

Many factors can cause a brand to lose the effectiveness of its voice—a recent acquisition, a new product or market focus, a rapidly growing workforce or just the passing of time. When these things happen, it leads to mixed and confusing messages—both inside your company and out in the market—that are inconsistent and uninspiring for customers and employees alike.

Stepping back to re-evaluate and reset your brand voice doesn’t have to be painful. But it’s essential for focusing your marketing and sales efforts and building a clear path for driving long-term business success.

A have-to-have vs. a nice-to-have

I’ve had many conversations with clients who see a clear need to nail down their messaging strategy before rushing headlong into sales and marketing content generation. But they struggle to help executive leadership understand the value in the investment of time and resources. How do you make the case for messaging strategy as a “have-to-have” instead of a “nice-to-have”?

It can be hard to explain the ROI of messaging strategy when your company is in rapid growth mode and FOMO is real. “We need to update the website.” “We need to run some digital campaigns.” “We have our biggest trade show coming up next quarter.” “We have sales numbers to hit!”

The fear is: We slow down to think, we miss out on opportunities.

The irony? Continuing to put all your energy into executing marketing and sales efforts while using worn out, uninspired messages won’t get you any closer to achieving those quarterly goals. It’s like putting the wrong fuel in your car’s gas tank and being surprised when you only make it half way around the block.

Worst of all, the longer you keep going to market with misguided, uninspired messages, the more you miss out on creating meaningful and memorable connections—with your customers, partners, industry influencers, and last but most definitely not least, your employees.

Strong voice, strong foundation

Your brand voice is truly the foundation of all internal and external communications. Sales, marketing, customer support, development, recruiting and executive leadership—all facets of your organization should have total clarity about your brand’s purpose. Not just what products or services you make or deliver, but WHY.

What’s the real value in what you do?

Why does it matter?

And how do you tell the right story to make the right people say “I need that!” or “I want to work there!”

A solid Messaging Strategy puts these answers into plain spoken, value-based and engaging language—carefully crafted building blocks that come together to form one, unified brand voice. So whether it’s a sales exec presenting to a new prospect, your CEO giving an interview to the media, your HR team onboarding new hires or your all-important corporate website—every corner of your business has embraced and articulated a singular, well-rounded story of why your brand rocks.

Side note: For a strong brand messaging foundation, it’s important to bring a cross-section of key stakeholders to the table for organization-wide perspectives in the strategy process. This also ensures eager, collective adoption of your go-to-market brand voice.

All roads lead to your ‘north star’

The outcome of a well-executed messaging strategy engagement is a tangible, well-written Messaging Framework. Think of the messaging framework as your ‘north star’. It is the fixed point around which all of your brand communications revolve–marketing lead generation, sales presentations, thought leadership, PR and much more.

If your car’s GPS was out of date, you’d update it. In the same way, a strategic messaging engagement lets your organization reset your brand’s course, to make certain your sales, marketing and all brand communication initiatives are moving in the right direction.

Talk to KP Brand about our short-term Messaging Strategy & Development engagements, and let us help your brand (re)find its voice.