Let It Whip

We’ve probably all heard the “Rule of Seven” more than once (at least seven times, right?) Whether you agree the magic number is seven, ten or twenty, it has proven true time and again that repetition moves people to action.

As marketers, we often find ourselves defending this concept to our clients, reassuring them that though they may be tired of hearing the same messages, their customers are still wading through a deluge of ad and media exposure–an estimated 15.5 hours/day per person.

If your message seems tired, first reassess that it’s the right message. If you’ve done the due diligence in knowing your audience, targeting your communications strategy and differentiating your story, give your hard work time to click with customers.

Repetition leads to brain equity, like that song you just can’t get out of your head. (Anyone down for a whip and a nae nae?) And brain equity leads to brand equity. The bridge between the two is paved with relevant messages that have staying power. So be diligent, be perceptive and let it whip.